Happy dog

pink sheep media community hub v1.0

Have a nap, friend. Source https://www.sherwinarnott.org/2018/11/happy-dog/

Happy Halloween

happy halloween

Halloween in Vicwest is quiet but nice. Some great costumes on the street last night and trick or treaters were swell. Pumpkin carving by Becky Cory. Source https://www.sherwinarnott.org/2018/11/happy-halloween/

Notebook is almost full

notebook is almost full

Time for a trip to Ucluelet soon to re-up my notebook situation. Source https://www.sherwinarnott.org/2018/10/notebook-is-almost-full/

I’m voting for proportional representation

im voting for proportional representation

I’m voting for proportional representation. I hope you do too, friends. #prorep #bcpoli #yyj #victoriabc #pr #proportionalrepresentation #bcvotes #bcreferendum # Source https://www.sherwinarnott.org/2018/10/im-voting-for-proportional-representation/

View from a ferry

view from a ferry

Spaceship on the membrane between two, not so blue, oceans. # Source https://www.sherwinarnott.org/2018/07/view-from-a-ferry/

Queer it. | @BayleeWoodley

queer it bayleewoodley

“Queer it.” @bayleewoodley posing with an @ambitgender postcard. Happy Pride friends. Source https://www.sherwinarnott.org/2018/06/queer-it-bayleewoodley/

Bridge #ux #tech #drawbridge

bridge ux tech drawbridge

A draw bridge has an interesting user experience. Both while on it, and waiting for it. Source https://www.sherwinarnott.org/2018/06/bridge-ux-tech-drawbridge/