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BlackoutArtist: Indira AllegraDate & Location: 2015, DigitalMedia: Digital Weaving Installation, Dimensions Variable Significance to Queer Art History In Indira Allegra’s online portfolio this work is described as: … a large scale video text/ile installation studying the weave structure of police uniforms alongside statements …

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Saint Wilgefortis

saint wilgefortis

It is my sincere pleasure to introduce you — my sparkly, queer, and quarantined friends — to my favourite medieval Catholic saint. Date & Location: 1678, (currently) Städtisches Museum, Braunschweig, Germany Artist: Unknown Media: I believe it is pigments and …

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Joyene Nazatul

joyene nazatul

Click image to watch: To Mum (Love, Me) by Joyene Nazatul To Mum (Love, Me) Artist (director): Joyene Nazatul Date & Location: 2015, Singapore Media: Film Where can I see this artwork?: Significance to Queer Art History: Joyene Nazatul is a non-binary multidisciplinary …

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