When you’re in it, the hard moments can be heavy. It’s not easy to have perspective when you’re in it. The cliches that suggest there is a lesson in the hard moments can often be frustrating because when you’re in …

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Dwell Hole

dwell hole

When you lose you have two choices. You can dwell or you can learn. It’s easy to dwell on a bad performance. Dwelling is the path of least resistance. Dwelling is a function of the ego and the ego loves …

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Will Power

will power

There’s a reason it’s called “willpower” and not “wantpower”. When you use the word “will” there is an inherent intention built into it- like it’s a forgone conclusion- like you WILL do something. Will is powerful. Want, on the other …

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Cake and Icing

cake and icing

There is cake and there is icing. A great dessert needs a bit of both but it primarily consists of the cake part. When you achieve the right balance of cake and icing it’s delicious. If you get too much …

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How Love Works

how love works

Love is just energy. It’s energy that we feel and it’s energy we pass around. It is also energy that we can create from thoughts and actions. The way you view the world can create love energy. The way you …

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Yes and No Energy

yes and no energy

You have yes energy and you have no energy. Yes energy gets you out the door. Yes energy motivates you to do things that are necessary, but not always fun, engaging or awesome. Yes energy is the difference between doing …

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Confidence is either deeply rooted or superficial and fragile. Superficial confidence depends on daily external feedback for validation. The source of this external feedback can come from several different places. It can come from the false assumption that execution must …

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