A white bear walking through a river.

Spirit Bear Tours

A spirit bear scanning a creek for salmon in the Great Bear Rainforest

I have teamed up with Marven Robinson of the Gitga’at First Nation to offer spirit bear watching and photography trips based out of the Gitga’at community of Hartley Bay in the Great Bear Rainforest.

Tour overview

During these tours we will explore lush river valleys in search of spirit bears in a place that National Geographic has called the “Wildest Place in North America.” These white bears are important symbols in Gitga’at culture, and the people are protective of them. For this reason I cannot reveal the exact locations of the valleys we will visit, but travelling with Marven we will spend all of our time in the very heart of spirit bear territory. By staying in Hartley Bay, we will also be supporting the Gitga’at Nation by providing local employment within their traditional territory.

Trip Departure Point: Prince Rupert, British Columbia

Spirit bear standing in a salmon creek in the Great Bear Rainforest

2023 tour dates

Our 2023 spirit bear tours are fully booked.

Please contact us if you’d like to be added to a waiting list for our 2023 or 2024 departures. The 2024 trip schedule will be similar to the departures below. Thank you for your patience!

For up-to-date notifications about trip openings related to cancellations, please subscribe to Tim’s email list.

2023 Tour Dates

Sept 4-8 (5-Days)
Sept 8-14 (7-Days)
Sept 14-18 (5-Days)
Sept 18-22 (5-Days)
Sept 22-28 (7-Days)
Sept 28-Oct 2 (5-Days)
Oct 2-6 (5-Days)

Spirit Bear Tour Photo Gallery

Spirit bears and the Great Bear Rainforest

Spirit bears are a variant of the American black bear with a recessive genetic trait that makes their fur white. These magnificent bears are extremely rare and are only found in a small corner of the Great Bear Rainforest. Existing population estimates vary between 100 to 500 individual bears, and are likely closer to the low end of that scale. By comparison, the latest population estimate for wild pandas is just over 1800.  Witnessing a white spirit bear in its dark green rainforest home is an extraordinary experience.

The Great Bear Rainforest is the largest intact temperate rainforest on Earth. This is a place where the ocean, mountains and ancient forests teem with wildlife including bald eagles, salmon, humpback whales, orcas, sea lions, grizzly bears and black bears, wolves, wolverines and more. On this trip we will travel over some of North America’s most productive ocean habitats and explore remote river valleys and mossy rainforests. For photographers this trip will have endless opportunities for capturing amazing photos.

Contact Tim to reserve your spot or ask questions

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Your guides: Marven Robinson and Tim Irvin

Marven Robinson and I and our team of experienced local guides and ecologists will be your guides on this trip.

Marven has spent his whole life in this part of the coast and has been called the “spirit bear whisperer.” In addition to his guiding work, Marven is also a Gitga’at Guardian Watchmen and a Councillor in the Hartley Bay Band Council. By travelling with Marven, guests will have the opportunity to discuss the rich history and culture of the Gitga’at people.

I am an ecologist, photographer and writer. I am a fully certified level 3 bear guide with the Commercial Bear Viewing Association of British Columbia and I’ve been guiding trips in the Great Bear Rainforest since 2002. You can learn more about me here. One of my passions is guiding wildlife adventures for people who care deeply about wildlife and wild places. Therefore, this is not strictly a photography trip – we will also discuss ecology and natural history of bears and the surrounding ecosystems.

By combining Marven’s local and First Nation’s knowledge with my knowledge of ecology and natural history, we believe we provide our guests with exceptional experiences.

“I write to say a huge THANK YOU for your companionship and teaching on our wonderful trip into the Great Bear Rainforest. On any number of levels I had the time of my life… so suffice to say that I shall never forget the experience. I think you [Tim] were the perfect host and guide. You are truly an intelligent man with a concern for others and the world around you and I appreciated all you did for me and the group.”

Pierre Cowlard


This trip is best for people who are passionate about wildlife, learning about ecology and First Nations culture and exploring beautiful places.  I cannot guarantee that we will see spirit bears. That is why this is an adventure. This comes with the territory of seeking out one of the most rare mammals on Earth.

This trip will give us more dedicated time in prime spirit bear territory than any other trip I know of in the region. And, although spirit bears are rare, Marven and I have a very high success rate.

This trip is best for people who are patient and can enjoy their surroundings – beyond the spirit bear. It is my opinion that this is not a difficult thing to do in the Great Bear Rainforest as there are no shortage of natural wonders.

If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing a spirit bear with your own eyes, I am confident that this trip is the best way to make that happen. Our trips are typically the highlight of of the year for most of our guests.

Some inspiration

If you need more reasons to get excited about this opportunity, check out the film above featuring Marven Robinson and renowned wildlife photographer Paul Nicklen. Or check out some of the photos from Paul’s spirit bear story in National Geographic. During our trip we will be exploring many of the exact locations where this film was made and these photos were taken. You can also explore my Instagram page, or read a blog post about previous tour seasons.

“My husband and I have traveled widely throughout all seven continents, and Tim’s Spirit Bear trip was unquestionably one of the best travel experiences we’ve ever had. The Great Bear Rainforest is a very special place, and being there changes you. The guiding team of Tim and Marven just couldn’t be better. We want to do it again!”

Christine Schillig


After leaving Prince Rupert, we will stay in a local guesthouse in Hartley Bay – an isolated and picturesque First Nations community of about 180 people. There are no roads in Hartley Bay. Rather, boardwalks connect the town and people get around on all-terrain vehicles. Our accommodations will be modest, but clean and comfortable with spacious bedrooms and shared bathrooms. Single travellers of the same gender may have to share a room with two double beds. A local cook will supply our meals.


This itinerary is a basic outline only – our activities on this trip will be dictated by factors including weather, tides and photo opportunities. Each day Marven and I will make a plan that will maximize our chances of seeing a spirit bear and other wildlife, working within the parameters of weather, safety and time.

You will need to arrive in Prince Rupert the day before your trip begins. For example, if your trip is Sept 11-15, you need to arrive in Prince Rupert on Sept 10 (earlier if you prefer). Tim will provide suggestions on the best flights to Prince Rupert as well as hotels and local attractions.

Day 1

8:00 am – Guests depart from Prince Rupert for Hartley Bay by water taxi. The 3 hour trip provides a first glimpse of this beautiful landscape from the water.

11:00 pm -After arriving in Hartley Bay, we will quickly get settled in the guesthouse, have an orientation session, pack a lunch and head out for the afternoon and early evening in search of spirit bears at a beautiful river valley close to the village.

Day 2 – 4   (5-day trips)
Day 2 – 6   (7-day trips)

Each morning we will set out by boat from Hartley Bay to explore the Great Bear Rainforest. To maximize our chances for encounters with spirit bears and other wildlife, guests should expect to depart from Hartley Bay first thing each morning and be out exploring until early evening. There will be opportunities for wildlife viewing and photography every day, but please remember that the weather conditions and the location of wildlife will dictate our activities.

Day 5   (5-day trips)
Day 7   (7-day trips)

Morning: After breakfast and packing up, guests can choose to accompany their guide on a hike to a nearby lake and/or a trip to view the local Gitga’at Cultural Centre.

11:30 am: Guests depart by water taxi for Prince Rupert.

2:30 to 3:30 pm (weather depending): Water taxi arrives back in Prince Rupert.  Guests spend the night in Prince Rupert at the hotel or B&B of their choice.

The following day most guests take the 11:20 am flight to Vancouver.

“Nothing truly compares with the moment you see that first flash of white against the dark green of the forest. Seeing a spirit bear for the first time really reminds you how magical this world can be.”

Michael Heap and Kerry Veitch

A spirit bear with a male pink salmon

Additional important details

Your guides will do everything they can to assist you during the trip. However, this trip requires a moderate to good level of fitness and will involve extended time travelling in boats from Hartley Bay to spirit bear viewing locations. We will also be hiking on uneven, wet and muddy terrain and we will often be out all day in search of spirit bears with the only access to toilets being the Great Outdoors.

A moderate to high level of fitness is required for these trips. Participants should be mobile enough to climb in and out of boats and walk across the uneven and slippery terrain of the intertidal zone. People must be capable of carrying their gear over rough and muddy rainforest trails. 

If you have any concerns about your physical capabilities, please contact me and we can discuss whether this trip is appropriate for you. Please note that all guests will be required to sign a waiver.


Lastly, weather conditions may be variable and participants must be prepared for adverse weather including heavy rain (it is a rainforest after all!).  Although conditions may be difficult at times, my past guests always agree that experiencing the magic of the Great Bear Rainforest is worth it. You may even become one of the few people who have seen and photographed one of the most rare bears on earth – the spirit bear.

Pricing and availability

Please contact Tim for more information.


A $1500 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your spot on this Spirit Bear Tour. The balance owing is due 90 days before your trip departure date and is also non-refundable, unless, upon cancellation, I am able to fill your spot. Tour participants must purchase independent trip cancellation insurance to protect against unforeseen circumstances.

Still have questions? Contact Tim. He is happy to help!

Spirit bear in the Great Bear Rainforest

More guest feedback

“I feel profoundly privileged to have seen and photographed such an amazingly rare and spiritual animal in such magnificent habitat, and cannot thank Marven Robinson and Tim Irvin enough for providing me with such an amazing experience.”

Rick Andrews

I wholeheartedly recommend Tim as a Tour Leader. His knowledge accumulated by many years as a Bear guide and his scientific background makes him an expert on the Flora and Fauna of this area. Tim also goes out of his way to ensure his guests safety and comfort. He was always last on the boat and first off to assist everyone safely on and off the boat. Overall the Spirit Bear Tour was a great adventure and many thanks to Tim and the people of Hartley Bay for making this possible.”

Robert Carleton

“Thank you Tim and Marven for a fantastic trip. The Great Bear Rain Forest is such a beautiful and surreal place. Seeing a spirit bear is a magical experience. Thank you for sharing your knowledge of the area with the group; this made the trip really special. Both of you have a great sense of humor and have so many great stories to share. Hope to do another trip with the two of you again.”

Steve Williams

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