A wolf is sitting on the beach looking at the ocean.

Sea wolf expeditions

Coastal wolf lying on the sand with ocean in the background

With local First Nations guide, Marven Robinson, we are offering an extraordinary opportunity to photograph wild sea wolves in the Great Bear Rainforest.

Expedition Overview

We have spent years getting to know the territory and habits of a local wolf pack. Although wolves are notoriously elusive, we have a very high success rate and have seen wolves on every expedition since we began offering them in 2017.

For wildlife photographers and those who are fascinated by wolves, the opportunity to watch and photograph these remarkable carnivores is the holy grail of Great Bear Rainforest experiences. Some of our previous guests have said these unique expeditions feel less like a tour and more like being on an assignment for National Geographic.

This region is home to some of the highest population densities of wolves in North America. These wolves are genetically distinct from their interior counterparts and are uniquely adapted to their coastal rainforest environment, where they make much of their living from the ocean and have become known as “Sea Wolves.”

In a world dominated by human landscapes, the wild landscapes of this region are a refuge for wildlife, including the wolf. In the words of eminent scientist Dr. Paul Paquet, “the remote ocean archipelago of the Great Bear Rainforest comprises North America’s most unusual and one of its most pristine wolf populations.”

On these 6 and 7-Day expeditions, we will delve into the fascinating world of the coastal wolf. This adventure is specifically designed to provide you with the best possible opportunities for watching and photographing these elusive and beautiful carnivores and learning about their ecology. It is also an opportunity to camp out close to nature and immerse yourself in a wild corner of the Great Bear Rainforest that few people ever witness.

2023 dates

June 26-July 2 (7-Days)
July 2 to July 8 (7-Days)
Aug 10-15 (6-Days)
Aug 15-20 (6-Days)

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Group size

Maximum 7 guests per trip

Departure point

Prince Rupert, British Columbia

A young sea wolf standing on sand in the intertidal zone in the Great Bear Rainforest

Sea wolf photo gallery

A sample of photos from previous expeditions


Simply put, this trip was truly a once in a lifetime experience. From the remote location to everyone involved. It will forever hold a place close to my heart. I feel extremely fortunate for the opportunity and couldn’t thank everyone enough for the wonderful time. I wouldn’t change a single minute of it. Thank you again Tim, Marven and the entire crew.
Taylor Thomas Albright
I went out to this wolf expedition facing the unknown into the wild pretty much out of nowhere and I would say I was not disappointed at all. Everyone on the crew worked hard to accommodate all our needs. The guides knowledge and experience made our trip an unforgettable one. In the end was an incredible and unforgettable journey into the wild which will haunt you for the rest of our life. I took with me a piece of that place and keep it close to my heart with hope I will be able to return again. For people who seek the unknown and the adventure I will strongly recommend this trip.
Catalin Tapardel
The Coastal Wolves Expedition vastly exceeded my wildest expectations. We were fortunate to have daily (sometimes fleeting) wolf sightings which I am sure was a rarity for these coastal wolves. But what wonderful encounters! As expected, the “boatel” accommodations are rustic, but sufficient. Prepared daily meals were tasty and plentiful. Recommended for an adventure!
E. Knepper
An excellent tour in the wilds of the remote BC north coast with a rare chance to spend time in the magical world of the elusive BC Coastal wolves.


To provide the best chances of success we camp out in prime wolf territory where we have been scouting out the local wolf pack for years. By camping out on location and adapting to the wolve’s schedule, we greatly increase our chances of success.

However, these expeditions are not for everybody. You must be willing to live in a communal camp with others and be prepared to deal with all kinds of weather and the potential for hours of waiting. However, for those people who are eager to immerse themselves in a wild landscape and photograph the Great Bear Rainforest’s coastal wolves, our trips offer the very best opportunity to make that dream a reality. After working as a guide in the Great Bear Rainforest for 20 years, some of my most profound wildlife encounters have been on these expeditions. I have also spent hours and hours waiting around for wolves to show up, but there is magic in that too.

Although the coast of British Columbia is a wildlife haven, the reason we are successful on these expeditions is that we focus specifically on wolves. Immersing ourselves in their world is the best way to increase our chances of success. Nonetheless, we can also expect to see a lot of birdlife including ospreys, sandhill cranes, peregrine falcons, bald eagles, and a host of shorebirds, all set within a backdrop of a beautiful and unique coastal landscape.

Video made by Max Venturi during a previous expedition. Our camp is now made of cabins, which are much more comfortable than the tents seen in this video.


We will focus most of our time in a location where we are familiar with the local wolf pack.  However, to protect the wolves, we will not reveal the specific places we will go. What we can tell you is that these are island-dwelling wolves.

The islands we will visit are part of the outer coast of British Columbia’s archipelago. They are home to ecosystems not found on the mainland. They are also home to wolves that make much of their living from the sea. There are no bears on the outer islands, so wolves have no competition as the top carnivores here.


This trip is best for people with previous wilderness camping experience.

Our camp is located on boats to consolidate the human presence and reduce our impact on the wolves.  The only good places to pitch tents interfere with wolf travel corridors. This is why we do not allow people to bring their own tents – it is too much of an imposition on the animals. 

Sleeping accommodations are in a communal plywood cabin outfitted with bunks. There is a second communal cabin for meals, relaxing and downloading photos. There are chemical toilets in our camp, but there are no showers.

Guests need to bring a sleeping bag, and anything else they need to sleep comfortably (We will provide a packing list).


All payments are in Canadian dollars. A $1500 deposit is required to secure your spot.

6-Day expeditions – $5,768 + 5% GST + $100 First Nation Stewardship fee
7-Day expeditions – $6,689 + 5% GST + $100 First Nation Stewardship fee

Prices include
• All boat transportation from Prince Rupert to our camp, return.
• Food and accommodation
• All Guiding

Prices do not include
• Flights to Prince Rupert
• Food and Accommodations in Prince Rupert

Final payment will be due 60 days prior to trip departure. All deposits and payments are non-refundable, unless, upon cancellation, we are able to fill your spot.

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